Misc Custom Work
Custom paint jobs are neither cheap
nor quick when done correctly.  Trim
should be taken off, not taped.  Glass
should be taken out as needed.  Parts
should be taken off to make sure
even the edges no one sees are
painted to prevent chipping and
peeling.  As far as we are concerned,
this is the only way to get a truly
outstanding job...
2000 Contour, custom red candy
Avalanche custom two tone
2007 Fusion rear bumper
2000 Contour custom rear bumper
custom snowmobile hood
sometimes a minor accident can lead to a new look...no more chrome on the front...
IS 300 Lexus with an Altezza front end
Custom 93 Celica
79 450 SL
79 450 SL Completely redone interior
Toyota MR2 Complete makeover including lambo doors and many custom fabbed pieces