Muscle Cars
Attention to detail...

One of the reasons we are the first choice
for Auto Enthusiasts...

...and Flames don't hurt either...Flames
make everything look better...
1957 Chevy with color change flames
1964 Old Skool Galaxie
1993 Lighning, ghost flames - 2005 Detroit Autorama class winner
67 GTO outlaw class drag car
1967 Camaro in custom pearl with custom gold stripe
1969 Camaro custom candy with pearl flames - 2005 Detroit Autorama class winner
1969 Cutlass 442 finished - door previuosly damaged, clean reflection
1969 Cutlass 442 finished - mouse over in booth
67 Camaro, original Cameo Beige, in the booth
69 Camaro, done and ready for a new vinyl top
Green with Envy Challenger with custom grille
1969 COPO Camaro
ready to come out of the booth...1969 COPO Camaro
1980 Greenwood Corvette stripped, repaired and custom painted
1980 Greenwood Corvette striped, reepaired and custom painted
...1980 Corvette that in 1981 was modified for the ISCA show
circuit with a Greenwood conversion kit and full custom paint...We
stripped it, repaired it and repainted it with PPG custom crystal
pearl, and a milder paint scheme...
80 Greenwood Corvette original ISCA show paint, Corvette Summer anyone...
2003 Mustang Cobra
1957 Chevy steel body drag car, ghost flames
Collision damage on a 100 mile full restoration
Like before the accident, ready to go home
Pretty solid, but rough
69 Cougar looks great, with a custom designed color
SRT 10, subtle changes, like color matching handles and moving the spare access hole over 3/4's of an inch
SRT10 custom grilles, shaved antenna...Very clean
SRT 10 at the Foose Disney show
2003 Corvette Z06, full custom paint and wide body fenders
Custom Mustang
Full custom Mustang, custom designed color