Insurance Information
  • Per Florida law, YOU have the right to choose
    the facility YOU want to repair your vehicle

  • While we work with all insurance companies in
    obtaining a complete evaluation and payment
    for your damages, we work for YOU, not the
    insurance company

  • Don't be fooled by insurance industry
    buzzwords such as 'prevailing rates' and
    'industry standards'.  These are designed to
    save the insurance company money, not to
    indemnify YOU

  • Feel free to contact us to help navigate this
    often difficult situation
...Please be aware, that while we repair
any, and all vehicles, we focus on specialty
vehicles and working with Auto
Enthusiasts...We ARE NOT a production
shop...If you prefer working with a
production shop, please let us know and
we can refer you to one of our neighbors
that recommend us for custom work...
...Have special personal touches (ground
effects, aftermarket add-ons, etc.) as part
of your claim and not sure if the insurance
company is treating you fairly, let us
know...We can help...