Guitars and Misc Projects
This page you will find guitars and other
misc projects we have completed or are
currently working on, including the Shawn
Wilcox Band signature guitar...

...and Flames, lots of Flames...
Max signature guitar
airbrushing, flaming skull
sample scallops
custom snowmobile hood
sample, real flames
custom air scoop
custom tailgate, airbrushing
custom hood
ghost flames
ghost flames, real flames, airbrushing, custom painting
dragon framework, airbrushing, custom painting
dragon finished
'cut-out' of carbon-fiber with flames, real flames
Hood before the Dragon, real flames, custom painting
airbrush waterfall scene
airbrush 'why bring a knife to a gun fight'
airbrush, torn metal
airbrushing, stainless steel, diamond plate
Celtic Cross
real flame
Why use emblems...
Motorcycle Helmet painted like Ohio State football helmet