Family History
...My family has been repairing vehicles for
nearly 90 years.  My great-grandfather started in
the early 1920's, less than a decade after Ford
perfected the assembly line, and in the middle of
the custom coach boom.  These same vehicles
today are viewed as masterpieces of elegance
and art.  The passion, attention to detail, care
and skill used to create those timeless classics
has been passed down through the generations,
just as master artisans from times gone by would
pass down their craft.  These are things that
can't be taught, but must be learned and
experienced, not with the latest tools and fads,
but through time, hard work and dedication, and
a genuine love of profession.  From the classic
coaches of yesteryear, to the birth of the muscle
car to the exotics of today...
Dad and Grandad circa 1969
Great Grandad circa - a long time ago
...Coming Soon...

...A link to some truly breathtaking drawings, from
the 50's and 60's, by my Uncle, of custom cars
that were inspired by another era...
a teaser of one of my Uncle's drawings..